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Welcome to the plant-based medicine movement!

Adopting a self-empowering herbal lifestyle requires getting familiar with the fundamental principles of how herbs work and the ways we can integrate them into our daily lives. The context and philosophy of traditional plant based healing is simple to understand yet profound in its ability to transform our worldview and understanding of health and how to actualize it. Goldthread has always led with, and been dedicated to providing a reliable, quality source of this vital information as a core objective of the organization. Over the last decade our Farm to Pharmacy training program has taught hundreds of people how to use herbs as the foundation of home healthcare. We’re happy to share with you some of the highlights of that program along with additional teachings and selected material that further elaborates the significance of adopting the plant-based medicine lifestyle, and practical ways to apply the wisdom of herbs into your life.


Energy and Adaptation

Access to balanced energy is what we all seek. Plant-based medicine provides a system for intelligently managing our energy, supporting it with herbs, and implementing lifestyle habits that build and preserve our vitality.


Herbal Energetics 1

Plant medicine is understood best with the language of energetics. This lecture covers the subtlety of using herbs by understanding their taste, temperature, and direction as a complete, qualitative system.


Herbal Energetics 2

The discussion of energetics continues to include application of herbs using digestion as the primary example.


Nervines 1

The first concept to understand about plant-based medicine is the balance between stimulation and relaxation. This lecture covers the Nervine category of herbs that work on the nervous system primarily. Applications include pain, sleep and stress, and relaxation and tension.


Nervines 2

The lecture continues to cover specific Nervine herbs and their applications with plenty of context about working with herbs to their greatest effect.


Herbal Jazz

This complete lecture from the International Herbal Symposium covers the foundation of using plant-based medicine. The method described here is highly accessible, relying on our senses to develop an experiential grasp of herbal fundamentals.


Tonics and Resilience

This lecture covers the tonic herbs that work with our deep reserves of energy. These herbs work best at the physical level when we have a clear understanding of the role of resilience in our overall health. Our thoughts and reactions play an unseen role in our access to energy.


The pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything. This is the cornerstone of immunity in plant-based medicine. The lecture describes how immunity is the end result of vitality on all levels and how we can enhance our immunity with herbs.


Herb Walk with Nervines

This engaging herb-walk lecture describes nervines in our everyday life and the plants that create this medicine for us.


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