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DEFEND drink resilience

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wei Qi is the energy that safeguards health. In the East, tonic herbs are often consumed to fortify and enhance Wei Qi. Elderberry, Astragalus and other herbs and spices come roaring deliciously to the defense like a shimmering purple dragon.

Nutrition facts

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Trifolium pratense (red clover[1]) is a herbaceous species of flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae, native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa.

The Formula

Forcefield contains herbs used historically in both Eastern and Western traditions related to the “defensive qi.” Also known as Wei Qi, this portion of our energy acts as a sentry, protecting and consolidating our borders. This formula is based on a powerful combination of sour herbs, including elderberry, hibiscus and rose hip. These unique super-fruits, contain unique and colorful plant pigments with a distinctive sour taste that nourishes and strengthens. Combined with Astragalus, the famous tonic root of Traditional Chinese Herbalism, for a base of earthy sweetness. Also a generous helping of fragrant, spicy herbs, including cinnamon and ginger to enhance vital energy flow, particularly to the periphery of the body, which acts as a boundary against intruders. They also bring heat to the digestive system to improve absorption of the powerful ingredients in this delicious elixir.

Uses & Benefits

Force Field functions as a preventative, helping to maintain optimum immunity and replenishing depleted resources. In times of greater vulnerability, such as the change of season or when undergoing high stress, Force Field is particularly important. It supports the body’s defenses during cold, flu and allergies and reinforces optimal recovery. This Elixir is also an excellent choice when sharing enclosed spaces with other people, such as in the workplace or when travelling. The fruity flavor appeals to children, so pack it in their lunch for sweet protection.

In traditional cultures, it is common to add a variety of tonifying herbs and mushrooms into daily cuisine in order to fortify immunity and nourish the body. Wei Qi broth...

Wei Qi Soup

Traditional medicine teaches that we are particularly vulnerable to immune challenges, like colds and flu, at the juncture of seasons and reminds us to take extra care at these times. Paying attention to our changing environment and getting in synch with its rhythms, by adjusting our diets and routines, helps us to go with the flow of nature, and is a wise practice.